alyson calagna


DJ Alyson Calagna's dancefloor is where faith and fable; gods and goddesses; and discovery and desire meet in a new truthology of sound.

The outernational DJ is the pioneer behind the sound and alias "Omtronica," mixing sexual, sensual and spiritual rhythms with tones of empowerment and ecstasy.  From beats of shared consciousness to the tribal ballet of contemporary longings, Calagna's unique blend of organic sound, poetic wisdom and modern pulses combine to bring the listener to center of their conscience and the heart of the dancefloor.

With an international list of appearances - across the United States, Europe, Brazil, Asia, Mexico, and Canada.­ Calagna has perfected a sound that is globally influenced and instantly recognizable. She has remixed artists such as Yoko Ono, Ricky Martin, Rosabel, Akon and Audien to name a few as well as released music on global dance labels such as Moody, Twisted, Nervous, Stereo, Intenso, Star69, and Kult Records. Alyson can be heard headlining some of the largest venues around the world including Stereo, Pacha, Space, Beta, Mansion and The Week. Circuit Party goers have experienced her at Rapido, White Party, Winter Party, Alegria, Masterbeat, WE, Labs and many more. Critics have lauded her for discovering an unmistakable "sound of her own," and she has garnered a dedicated following in nearly every corner of the world.

By creating a world both personal and external - of both breathing and breathlessness - Calagna, and her tribe who’s tuned into her, become lamas of the mind . . . the beats . . . and the dance floor.