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When the soul and the music
become one, I know that I am home.”

alyson calagna


Whether she is remixing pop and underground artists, headlining major dance festivals all over the world, or curating music at the prestigious Peninsula Chicago's rooftop lounge, Z Bar, Calagna's dancefloor is where faith and fable; gods and goddesses; and discovery and desire meet in a new truthology of sound.

The outernational DJ is the pioneer known for mixing sexual, sensual and spiritual rhythms with tones of empowerment and ecstasy.  From beats of shared consciousness to the tribal ballet of contemporary longings, Calagna's unique blend of organic sound, poetic wisdom and modern pulses combine to bring the listener to the center of their conscience and the heart of the dancefloor.

With an international list of appearances - across the United States, Europe, Brazil, Asia, Mexico, and Canada.­ Calagna has perfected a sound that is globally influenced and instantly recognizable. She has remixed artists such as Yoko Ono, Ricky Martin, Rosabel, Akon and Audien feat Lady Antebellum, just to name a few. And her original music has been featured on NBC, USA, A&E and MTV Networks. When not producing music, Alyson has headlined some of the top nightclubs around the world including Stereo, Pacha, Space, Beta, Mansion and The Week. Circuit Party & Festival goers have experienced her at Rapido, White Party, Winter Party, Alegria, Masterbeat, WE, Labs and many more. Critics have lauded her for discovering an unmistakable "sound of her own," and she has garnered a dedicated following in nearly every corner of the world.

By creating a world both personal and external - of both breathing and breathlessness - Calagna, and her tribe who’s tuned into her, become lamas of the mind . . . the beats . . . and the dance floor.

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Jan. 19 / La Suite - Mexico City, Mex

Jan. 30 / Daybreaker - Denver, Co

Feb. 22 / Lizard Lounge - Dallas, Tx

Mar. 3 / Extra Dirty - Sydney, Aus

Mar.15 Release - Denver, Co

Jun. 8 / hydrate - Chicago, IL

Jun. 15 / pride - denver, co

jun. 22 / daybreaker - boulder, co

jul. 14 / tba - san diego, ca

more tba

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Vlad Novikov pours a gin-based cocktail made with cucumber, lime and mint. (Grant Kessler Photography)

Vlad Novikov pours a gin-based cocktail made with cucumber, lime and mint. (Grant Kessler Photography)

Calagna & the Peninsula Chicago 

The Peninsula Chicago's rooftop lounge Z Bar is opening in June. Calagna will do the honors of setting the audio soundscape. From your first sip 'til your last tip, Z Bar's groove will be a global mix of sophisticated electronica, soulful vocals, electro-jazz, deep and melodic house. Whether you come for happy hour or late night, the music is sure to enhance your Peninsula experience. Join us this summer.




One of the most powerful ways to #release is thru movement. My movement of choice is to throw it the fuck down on the dancefloor, let go and leave it all in a pile of sweat. As a DJ, #release is about sharing and serving sacred, sassy and soulful rhythms to elevate the soul while watching you lose control.

I wanted to create an event that gave me the old school feeling of having a residency. After touring for so many years and playing shorter sets, I wanted a place that I could create a journey musically and play from deep, funky and soulful to tech, melodic and progressive without having to stay in the constant energy of a big room. There is so much amazing music out there that I crave to share and have what I call my musical #release.



I've launched my latest venture, Remix Your World. A Coaching & Consulting Company designed to empower others to achieve their vision, navigate difficult transitions and create a deeper spiritual relationship within theirselves. Remix Your World offers One-on-One coaching, workshops, and the powerful 8-week transformational self-mastery course, The CIJourney. Are you ready to Remix Your World?

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  • Drawn to the Rhythm – Thomas Penton & Alyson Calagna (Intenso Recordings)

  • Ahora – Alyson Calagna & Jose Cortes (Nervous Records)

  • Superposition – Freedom (Alyson Calagna Remix) Afroboogie Recordings

  • Jacks Funk – Alyson Calagna & Thomas Penton (Electric Candy Recordings)

  • Free My Love – Suzanne Palmer (Alyson Calagna Remix) Star 69 Records

  • Stay – Paulo Feat Tinta (Alyson Calagna Remix) (Pure Music)

  • Clean it up – DJ Paulo (Pure Music)

  • Same Tribu – Calagna & Cortes Feat Ash Ruiz (Kult Records)

  • Oh Yeah – Alyson Calagna (Kult Records)

  • Moment Called Now – Alyson Calagna & Jonas Tempel (Moody Recordings)

  • Some More – Alyson Calagna & Jonas Tempel (Moody Recordings)

  • Hey Chica – Tony Senghore (Alyson Calagna Remix) (Moody Recordings)

  • Rain – Jose Spinnin Cortes (Alyson Calagna Remix) Bearlin

  • Push That Thang – Alyson Calagna & Flynn Nolan (Bearlin)

  • A Day Like Any Other – Slyvia Tusun (Alyson Calagna Remix) Hammer Music

  • Loca Feat Wilmien – Pagano (Alyson Calagna Remix) Solar Recordings

  • This Beat Is Hot – Calagna & Cortes (Nervous Records)

  • The Rose Of Jericho – Jose Spinnin Cortes (Alyson Calagna Remix) Bearlin Recordings

  • You Can Find Me – Alyson Calagna, Jonas Tempel Feat MC Flipside (Moody Recordings)

  • It’s Not Me – Alyson Calagna & Jonas Tempel (Moody Recordings)

  • Boarding Pass – Manuel Rotondo (Alyson Calagna & Jonas Tempel Remix) Space Round Records

  • Get To Work – Jonas Tempel & Alyson Calagna Feat Lea Luna (Moody Recordings)

  • Targa – Jonas Tempel, Alyson Calagna, Ben A, Jan Van Lier (Moody Recordings)

  • Woman Power – Yoko Ono (Alyson Calagna Remix) Twisted

  • Hell In Paradise – Yoko Ono (Alyson Calagna Remix) Twisted

  • Mr. Put It Down – Rick Martin Feat Pitbull (Alyson Calagna Remix) Sony Latin

  • Something Better – Audien Feat Lady Antebellum (Alyson Calagna Remix) Universal

  • Tell Me We’re Ok – DJ Hardwerk Feat Akon (Alyson Calagna Remix) The Alliance Music Productions

  • Shameless – Tyler Glenn (Alyson Calagna Remix) UMG Recordings

  • Strangers In The Night – Z La La (Alyson Calagna Remix) Omega Alpha Records

  • Anthem of House – Rosabel Feat Terri B (Alyson Calagna Remix) Carillo Music

  • Sway – Bria Skonberg (Alyson Calagna Remix) Sony

  • All Around The World – Fenix Story (Alyson Calagna Remix) Carillo Music

  • You’re Good For Me – Tony Moran Feat Kimberly Davis ( Alyson Calagna Remixes ) Tan Man Music

  • Get Get Down - Paul Johnson ( Jonas Tempel & Alyson Calagna Remixes ) Moody Recordings